Digital Marketing Questionnaire

Briefly explain the term digital marketing

Marketers can use any form of marketing using electronic or digital forms to send promotional messages and track performance throughout the customer journey. In practice, digital marketing refers to advertising that appears on a computer, phone, tablet, or another type of electronic device. Online video, display advertising, SEO, paid social media, and social media are just a few examples. Digital marketing is often opposed to traditional marketing strategies, including magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail.

What are the types of digital marketing in the company?

Types of digital marketing are:

  • Social media profiles
  • Website
  • Photo and video content
  • Blogs and e-mails
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Symbols, images, or symbols

Why is digital marketing so big compared to online marketing?

This is a frequently asked question in digital marketing interviews. In recent years, digital marketing has shown great potential, here are some of the exciting things:

  • Responding to customer needs immediately
  • Good exposure to awareness and product reviews
  • Another way to connect people around the world
  • Changes can be made almost immediately if necessary

Mention the difference between direct marketing and marketing.

Direct marketing aims to increase the company’s revenue by creating demand. Using brand marketing stories allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Direct marketing has an immediate impact on conversions. Typically, a higher level of urgency and importance is assigned. Brand marketing has a long-term effect on equity and acts as a buffer against market pressure. It’s not fast, but it’s important.

Tests and measurements are often on the minds of direct marketers. Differentiation is what brand marketers consider.
Responses, leads, conversions, and sales are KPIs used in marketing. Brand marketers focus on KPIs such as awareness, adoption, and engagement.

List some weaknesses of digital marketing.

Skills and training – Make sure your employees have the skills and experience they need to successfully deliver digital marketing. Applications, platforms, and processes change rapidly, so it is important to keep up to date.

Time-consuming – Tasks such as promoting online advertising and creating marketing content can be time-consuming.

High Competition – While internet marketing gives you access to a global audience, it also puts you in direct competition with others around the world. It can be difficult to stand out and draw attention to the various information offered by online shoppers.

Complaints and comments – Any negative comments or criticism of your brand can be seen by your audience in ads and research sites. It can be difficult to provide excellent customer service online.

List some digital marketing trends for 2021-22.

A short DIY video

  • Tell a good story or example
  • Audience-driven content
  • Personalized content
  • Use AI in content
  • Google search
  • Clients use NFTs

What are some of the most popular digital marketing tools?

In digital marketing, there are various methods that can be used to achieve the same goal. Here are some examples:

Google Analytics

Google has launched a free analytics system for everyone that lets you track the performance of your social media sites, videos and apps. You can also calculate the ROI of your advertising from here.

Ahref is a great tool for backlinks and SEO analysis.


Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that allows you to manage and communicate with customers, buyers, and other interested parties from one place.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that can help you decide the keywords for your search network advertising. It’s a free app that allows you to find keywords that are important to your business and see how many searches they’re doing each month and how much it costs to target them.


Kissmetrics is a comprehensive online analytics software that provides valuable insights into website and customer engagement. Keyword research.

Keyword research gives you access to the world’s most comprehensive list of keywords, compiled by all search engines. Finding customer search terms for products and services, and search terms that lead users to your competitors’ websites.


Semrush is the perfect tool for gaining web visibility and learning more about marketing. SEMrush tools and reports will benefit marketers in SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, competitor analysis, and content marketing projects.

How should you organize digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be divided into inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing attracts interested customers, while outbound marketing doesn’t care about interest. The needs of the customer are considered in inbound marketing, but in outbound marketing, it is done based on the needs of the product.

What are the four Cs of digital marketing?

Client – The person receiving the message. Content – The information that the customer sees is called content.

Message – Message sent to the customer. Conversation – This is when you have a conversation with your customer.

Digital Marketing Questionnaire for SEO

Find out the difference between Dofollow and Nofollow.

Dofollow: These links give search engine crawlers users to follow the link to promote it from the search results page and deliver link juice (the name is passed to another site) to the site. Example: XYZ

Nofollow: These links do not allow search engine robots to follow the link. The object does not pass the link juice to the destination section. Example: XYZ

What is a 301 redirect? What is the difference with a 302 redirect?

The 301 redirect tells the user and the search engine that the original web page has been redirected to another location entirely. 302, on the other hand, serves as a temporary redirect and does not pass the link juice to a new location.

Why are backlinks important in SEO?

Backlinks are external links to your website that can help:

  • Improve the credibility of your website
  • Do not increase domain capacity
  • Get organic search rankings
  • Increase in referral traffic

What are some best practices for promoting your YouTube videos?

  • Create informative and engaging content
  • Upload your video. Here are some ways to do it:
  • The name should have a high search volume and low difficulty
  • The description will match the name you chose
  • Correct and appropriate video tags should be used
  • Your tag must be less than 100 characters
  • Use attractive thumbnails and appropriate hashtags
  • Promote your content on other social media platforms

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

Google uses mobile-friendly content for indexing and ranking websites. If your website has a responsive design, Google will rank it higher in search engine results. It depends on this level and how your website works on mobile devices.

  • List the most popular SEO sites.
  • Create web pages for every product and service
  • Opting for a business listing on the Google My Business web page
  • Updating the NAP index on your website and maintaining consistency
  • Enter google maps
  • Optimizing meta tags in your content
  • Submit your business to the local library
  • Opt for reviews and ratings

How to avoid content penalties for duplicates?

Here are some ways to avoid this:

Using a 301 redirect to the original URL. To use the rel=canonical attribute on original content. This tells search engines that a particular URL represents the original web page
Selecting a favorite domain in Google Search Console. This can redirect spiders to crawl web pages in different ways.

Note: So these are some of the important questions but your interviewer can ask many more so be prepared for that

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