The digital industry is vast and can be difficult to navigate for newcomers or clients looking to find their niche. By knowing the best data analysis tools to achieve SEO and content marketing, a lot can be done if you don’t focus on business-related areas. A great digital marketer will be able to adapt quickly and learn on his own, even being willing to jump into different digital jobs if the old skills are lacking.

They will work with a variety of teams and clients, so they will need to know how to communicate and build strong teams. The good news is that there is a worldwide demand for marketers with agile digital skills. According to the research paper of DMI “Perpetual Evolution”, skills and technology are driving the future of digital marketing and companies are eager to hire salespeople with digital savvy. And don’t forget the importance of developing and improving your technical and soft skills as you move into new and exciting jobs.

So how can you move up the corporate ladder quickly or stand out from the competition, especially if you’re a digital nomad or looking to become a successful freelancer? Check out these 7 niche skills needed to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital industry.

Video Marketing

Video continues to take the internet by storm and it won’t stop. Consumers love videos, especially on social media, with 8 out of 10 people making a purchase after watching a brand video. For marketers, 93% of video users say it’s an important part of their strategy and 87% say it gives them a good return on investment (ROI) according to a report According to the State of Video Marketing.

Keep in mind that these are rough stats that vary depending on who you ask, but the truth is that most stats show high conversion, engagement, and SEO rankings when it comes to video. . What makes it interesting? Because it is personal and important. When people can see your face (or the face of the person promoting the brand), they can trust your business. It’s also an amazing variety of content to use on different platforms. Think about the success of Instagram and the rapid rise of TikTok!

But knowing how to make a video without hiring a professional is a good place to start. There are great tools to help you do this, like Promo and Camtasia. But if you have a background in this and love it, your skills will never go astray as the video will always. If you want to learn something on your own, you can try video editing tools like Apple Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to all levels of digital marketing and anyone entering the field should understand it. You can leave more technical and back-end stuff to other technical people in the team, but knowing how SEO really works and a solid understanding of the best practices in content optimization is the key to running a good business. digital marketing campaigns. SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) optimize your digital strategy at the data and content level. Therefore, you will be able to talk to other members about it and you will not go far without learning the basics and understanding how SEO and SEM can work together.

Content Marketing

Content is at the heart of digital marketing and content marketing will continue to be an important part of the game no matter what. But content marketing is a big job in itself. You need to be able to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content for multiple channels and understand how to create effective content strategies to engage and convert audiences.

And to make things more difficult, it is important to note that content can take many forms, from videos to social media, email, web content, blogs, e-books, videos, white papers. .. the list goes on. You should also have a strong understanding of social media marketing, as content is very important to social media platforms. Get inspired by six global brands who know how to do content marketing well.

Data analysis

Whatever aspect of digital marketing you are involved in, analytics should be at the core of your strategy and help you make better data-driven marketing decisions. Monitoring and reporting through tools like Google Analytics is great, but the tricky part is knowing how to gather and use this information to learn more about customer behavior and apply it to solutions that drive traffic and conversions.

Most businesses (even small ones) have a large amount of data to track, and great digital marketers need to understand how to gather it and use it effectively. Companies will often need people who can not only “read” data using their technical marketing skills, but also extract value from customer data to improve future strategies. If you can show that you can do this in an innovative and leading way in social media, you will be an asset to the company.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to one platform for your analytics, check out some alternatives to Google Analytics to see if it works for you. Free Software: Digital Marketing Questionnaire Preparation Tool

Understand Thinking & Planning

Think is a term that refers to a way of approaching a problem from a user’s point of view. This approach encourages us to think in a human-centered way when solving complex and large-scale problems.

According to The Interaction Design Foundation, this process consists of five main steps: Empathize, Define, Conceptualize, Prototype, and Test. The reason it works so well is that most of it are (or should be) focused on the user experience, which is the main factor that makes digital marketing successful.

Another good thing about this method is that it can be used in a non-linear way – so in some cases you can go through the test process and come back to the center, for example, to reflect on ‘your thought. Designers and manufacturers can use this type of system, so it is good to have at least a solid understanding of it in order to increase your marketing resume and apply it where possible.

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