Are your goals for online marketing covering all the bases? Good digital marketing goals cover many different metrics to help define, evaluate and evaluate the performance of all digital marketing activities. The purpose of digital marketing through the 5 S
PR Smith, the author of Emarketing Excellence, developed the 5S of digital marketing around 2000, and although it is basic, many people still use them to plan their digital marketing strategy. So I thought I’d share it here showing how it applies today to, an amazing online business. To measure these suggested goals, see my article on setting goals in Google Analytics.

Sales – Increase sales

Start your most important business that brings money and profit! These are sales, or if you don’t sell online, the leading online salespeople will offer that will convert to sales or offers if you are a non-profit. debt.

Notice how ASOS is looking to increase sales by increasing trust in the online shopping process and free delivery. References. Using conversion models makes it possible to specify quantitative objectives to be achieved. Use our Excel digital marketing budget spreadsheet to help you set realistic goals.

Talk – Get closer to customers through conversation and engagement

Digital channels are not only marketing channels, they are effective as communication channels to engage your audience in the top 6 digital marketing tools. We recommend creating a detailed conversion or budget template that allows you to set goals in one channel to reach and influence your audience.

Since digital channels work best when combined with other channels, the goal here should also include online visits that are promoted by offline media. Although is pureplay, its customer newsletter is important in building a brand and influencing sales.

Serving – Add value

A company’s website and social customer service are good places for customers to go for answers to their questions or complaints… The quality of the service you provide is also a key factor in the ability to sell, Talk, Save and Sizzle. . So you need customer satisfaction goals to measure your customer service level and improve it further.

ASOS has invested in a choice of customer service channels, as this example shows.

Save – Save money

The allure is more attractive than the sizzle of building your brand and engagement in social media, but you need to show the benefits you get by using an online deposit to reduce costs and save on advertising. traditions such as print and post. This is especially important for multichannel retailers or service businesses that may set goals for the number of catalog downloads or the number of business transactions related to other channels.

If you are struggling with the budget for the online channel, the money you can show the CFO or the budget manager will help you.

Sizzle – spread your brand online

Adding Sizzle to your digital marketing will help with your marketing and communications goals, but setting goals and tracking them isn’t easy. What is “sizzle in your sausage”?

Sizzle is all about building your brand online. Think about what makes the best online branding experience for your audience and for you.

If the experience you create is effective, the benefits of engaging with your digital presence will be clear; The interaction between the site and other channels will not be so seamless that the visitor will want to use your online services again and tell their friends and colleagues about them. Therefore, the main purpose of sizzling is the level of satisfaction with advice or support. ASOS has invested heavily in local platforms and social media to bring out the sizzle!

Check out our thoughts on these tools for website feedback

The purpose of digital marketing and all 5S. The 5S of Digital Marketing is a great easy-start guide to help you check that you’re covering all digital marketing, not just marketing!

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